Welcome Letter


We’re glad you’ve landed here! You may be wondering about us and how we think. Well, we think we can make a difference. The horrendous acts of violence that the US has witnessed over the past several months were so overwhelming that it was no longer a question of “What can we do?” but a demand that “We must do something...now!”

The statistics are overwhelming: Americans own 265 million guns - that have contributed to approximately 32,000 gun deaths and twice as many gun injuries each year. Gun deaths and injuries constitute a major public health crisis in the United States.* 

The news is overwhelming: This past summer there were racial riots in Texas, Minnesota and Wisconsin following yet more shootings. The most recent riots in Charlotte, North Carolina this past September brought in the national guard and a mandatory curfew.   

The hate is overwhelming: More than 200 anti-LGBTQ hate bills have been introduced this year in 34 states.**  49 people were killed at the Pulse Nightclub in Orlando this past June when a gunman opened fire with an assault rifle - it was the deadliest mass shooting in US history.

Our desire to spread the message that gun, racial & LGBT violence MUST stop, paired with the idea of helping organizations that lead the charge against hate and violence, led to the birth of End Violence Now, LLC. We’re a small LLC with a big idea. We’re not a non-profit, but we pledge to give 50% of our net proceeds to some amazing, smaller non-profits. We’re proud to partner with States United To End Gun Violence, Not In Our Town, and National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs for this initial effort. They’re grassroots organizations getting it done on a local and national level.

As our anti-violence movement grows, we’ll add more t-shirt colors and more charities to the mix. And we want to add you! We welcome your thoughts and ideas in this effort. Thanks so much for taking action with us!

- The End Violence Now Team


*Statistic from States United to Prevent Gun Violence

**Statistic from HRC: http://www.hrc.org/blog/listen-hrc-legal-director-answers-members-questions-on-anti-lgbt-state-bill