Giving Thanks

What a few weeks it has been…

End Violence Now launched a week and a half before the election. I think most of America was shocked with the Trump win, I know I was. But, there's been a positive reaction that has come out of all this. America is showing its resiliency and speaking out against hate, now more than ever...

Trump’s election has shocked thousands of people out of complacency. Social media support groups have popped up with members in the millions. Organized peaceful marches have grown throughout major cities and small towns. Strangers are helping each other. Just the other day, a nice man grabbed my grocery items as I waited on line and “Please go ahead of me, you’re carrying a lot of things and I’d like to help.”

“I’d like to help…” 

It’s such a simple, powerful message and it’s one that America is built on: helping each other. It has through the may ebb and flow as every cycle does, but helping, kindness and love always wins out over hate.

However, constant action and work is needed to combat hate and educate the uninformed. Many people fear what they don't know. "Every hour, a crime motivated by the perpetrator’s bias against the victim occurs in the United States. These hate crimes terrorize whole communities by making members of certain classes - whether racial minorities, LGBTQ people, religious minorities or people who are perceived to be members of these groups - afraid to live in certain places and be free to move about in their community and across the country." ( That's why educating is the key to understanding. Conversations lead to better understanding and I hope our t-shirts are conversation starters. End Violence Now is a simple way a person can help combat the hate cycle we're currently facing. Conversations can lead to change.

Picture thousands of people wearing our shirts, starting thousands of conversations. It's a big wish, but it's one that I have. Our powerful logo & sleeve art combined with our 50% net donation model to anti-violence charities is a simple, yet effective, two-prong solution.  

The past few weeks have been trying ones to say the least, but I'm incredibly grateful for your support in the launch of End Violence Now. I’d like to offer you a small token of thanks. If you buy one of our t-shirts before Dec 15th, you’ll receive a free animated holiday card customized with your name on it. Use it to send, post and spread some peace this holiday season! After you've made your purchase, just send us a note at telling us how you'd like your name to appear and we'll send you back an animated card within 72 hours. Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!

With Gratitude,

- Alex

Founder / End Violence Now